Eveline, is a mother of eight children, five of whom were delivered at home and three of whom were delivered in hospital. The choice to deliver at home or in a health facility was made based on her family’s financial situation at the time. When they had money, they chose to give birth in hospital, when they did not have money, she gave birth at home. In Eveline’s last pregnancy she was carrying twins but she and her husband did not have enough money to give birth in a facility. She successfully gave birth to the first of the twins, a girl, at home. However the second of the twins, a boy, was not in the correct position (tranverse) and she was incapable of safely delivering. When they realized that the baby could not be delivered, she was taken to the nearest hospital, which had no emergency obstetric capability. At this point her husband took her to a private hospital. At this point she was given a caesarian section but the baby had already died. After losing the baby, Eveline and her husband were left with a bill of KES 50,000 (GBPã340). In order to pay this they had to sell their bull, which they rely on for farming. Additionally, Eveline has been unable to work her farm since the pregnancy due to her caesarian section scar. So her family has been late planting crops this year which will have a negative impact on her family’s livelihood in the coming months. Bungoma County has one of the highest maternal and infant deaths in Kenya. In partnership with GSK, Save the Children is launching a Signature Health Programme that will work towards contributing to achieve a reduction in maternal and newborn mortality in Bungoma County, Kenya over the next 4 years. This project will target pregnant women and newborns and encourage them to seek quality health services while supporting the health system to ensure that it can provide these services to them.

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Ingvild Reymert

Ingvild Reymert

Jeg er 28 år og brenner for solidaritet, rettferdighet og miljø. Jeg er fast representant for SV i bystyre i Oslo, der jeg jobber for en by der det er mindre forskjeller på folk. En rettferdig boligpolitikk, et arbeidsliv der alle har ett på hele og faste stillinger og likestilling er tre av mine kampsaker.

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